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Coding helps students to learn how to think. It improves their focus and enhances 21st century skills which include problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, empathy, and communication. Online coding classes for students empower them to become digital creators and equip them with skills needed to thrive in the future job market.

We offer variety of courses which are basically Hi-end and professional courses like 3D design, graphic design, App design etc. which require use of multiple softwares.

Hi- end courses are very beneficial for professional development as they are highly used in various industries these days .

The use of the software's like Maya , Unity , Blender are very much in trend as they provide real world experience whereas coding is one such course which doesn't require the use of hi-tech software and could be easily learnt.

A part of programming, coding is the act of translating code from a human language to a machine-based language. It tells a computer/machine how to perform a task by writing codes in programming languages. On the other hand, programming is the process of developing an executable software program that follows certain standards and performs a certain task.

Our online coding courses for kids are designed to cater to kids aged 6-18 years. These classes introduce kids to Syntax based coding and teach them to create programs using visual block coding and write programs with JavaScript in an interactive learning environment. Kids learn advanced coding paradigms with Python to make projects in data analysis, speech recognition, and computer vision.

To expose kids to technology and equip them with skills they need to be successful today and in tomorrow’s workforce, the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 has introduced coding from class 6th onwards. Online Coding Classes for Kids strengthens math, digital, creativity & life skills and improves their academic performance.

Our online coding courses for kids are designed to cater to kids aged 6-18 years. A laptop, modern PC or Mac computer with a web camera and good internet speed will be required for your child to attend the online coding classes. And for the design-based courses, you might require a good laptop or computer depending on the software which we use. These minimum requirements can be checked and discussed with our executives.

Every kid is different, and our way of teaching recognizes this. Our research-based and customized curriculum is designed to fit their different ability levels and learning styles. With project-based learning, kids develop an interest in coding. They understand the coding concepts in an interactive learning environment and develop computational thinking skills that will serve them through life.

No, there is no prior coding experience required for our Online Coding Classes for Kids. We welcome all levels. Kids aged 6-18 years learn coding from our qualified and experienced teachers from the comfort of their home. Through relevant technology tools and Project | Design Based Teaching Methodology, kids understand the coding concepts in an interactive learning environment.

Our coding and design courses are delivered online by qualified and experienced teachers; they come from a diverse array of professional backgrounds. The majority of our teachers hail from the Media and Entertainment Industry, and some are from Engineering experience. Their rich experience in teaching coding enables them to make it easy for kids to understand the coding concepts.

Now is the best time to enroll for Online Coding and Design Classes for Kids. Our coding and design-based courses are designed to cater to kids aged 6-18 years. An early exposure to these concepts improves their academic performance, strengthens creative problem-solving, logical thinking and digital skills. It transforms them from consumers of technology to creators of technology.

The curriculum for our online coding and design-based classes for kids is in line with NEP 2020.

It is mapped to different age groups and has been tested and validated in 50+ schools across India. Our experienced faculty fosters DIY mindset empowering kids to turn their own ideas into real-world projects. Our pricing and learning combo packages are highly appealing. Top performing kids get an opportunity to intern in professional firms with a certificate and cash reward.

Computer classes in school teach kids how to use technology/software. Our Online Coding Classes for Kids takes it to the next level. Kids use technology as a tool to create and bring their imaginative ideas to life. Through real-world projects, our experienced teachers make it fun and easy for kids to learn coding, the most in-demand skill.

In MindBox, we build the right expectations on the learning outcomes that students will have by doing our programs. We do not compare student projects with professional ones. Students create projects as per their age and knowledge. Coding and Designing courses for kids gives them exposure to technology and familiarises them with technology tools from an early age. These courses prepare them for a tech-driven future where coding/technology skills will be the foundational skills for them to build up further for a Tech career. MindBox provides our students the right platform to explore these new technologies and preparing the coming generation for a Tech driven future.


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